Lunch with Flem ☕️

Greg Blewett

Lunch with Flem Blew and Maca
🏏 This one especially good with the hometown boy Greg Blewett reminiscing about his 💯on Test debut against England 
🏏 And a special guest appearance (Free of charge) from the number 11 batsman who got him there “Aussie Mac” Peter McIntyre

Shaun “Wild Thing” Tait


Catch up with the one of the fastest bowlers of all time the “Wild Thing” Shaun Tait

Wayne “Flipper” Phillips

Tough first episode where I tracked down the reclusive West End Redbacks cricket legend Wayne “Flipper” Phillips 🤔
And somehow made him feel comfortable chatting about his 100 on Test debut and his devastating 100 against the mighty West Indies in 1984😬 #PhillipsField