Why Nathan Lyon — like Boony before him — is Australian 🇦🇺cricket’s 🏏 spiritual leader 🙌

FORMER Australia No 3 David Boon wasn’t allergic to a beer.

He was a spiritual leader in the Aussie team and had the huge honour of singing our song ‘Underneath the Southern Cross I stand’ when we won a Test match or series.

Flashback to December 30, 1994. We are in the ‘dungeon’, our name for the dressing room in the bowels of the great MCG.

We circle the human keg that is Boony, who props himself on a bench and gives a couple of words about all of us.

Then he sings. Shivers go down my spine as we share a cold one and scream at the top of our lungs.

Like this series, we had just gone 2-0 up and The Ashes was as good as over

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Nathan Lyon like David Boon before him is the spiritual leader of this Aussie team

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